Internet problems when you can’t fix them

So, when I came home from work last night, about 11.05 pm I wandered over to my beloved and hated computer like I always do as a routine. I realized that the internet was down so I do what you usually do and re-started computer and router a few times, like 7 f***ing times each and the sh** still would not start! In the end I thought, 

Oh well, I’ll just go to sleep and it will magically work when I wake up, like always! Right?

Woke up in the morning and the internet still wouldn’t start. By now, needless to say my temper was starting to rise. It didn’t matter what I did, re-installing, trying to manually connect, create a new connection and so on.

So then, when all hope of me being able to fix this myself was gone, I called up the support. In a few minutes the internet was all set to go again. 9 hours of trying to fix the problem myself, and the support fixes it in 10 minutes.

….yeah… I suck.

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